Invitation to the


SU, July 14 – SU, July 21,

2022 Club Sportunion, Niederöblarn 83, A-8960 Öblarn

Congress 2024





  • The registration for the Budo Convention 2024 is only effective upon receipt of payment.
  • By the registration, participants accept the general regulations and indicated cancellation fees.
  • Registrations for dan examinations must be transferred to the ISTB until 02.06.2024. The respective fees must be paid with the registration.
  • Please note that you participate in the training or in a dan or license test at your own risk. This applies also with the participation in tournaments.
  • The teachers’ instructions must be followed.
  • Filming or photographing of lessons (incl. explanations and demonstrations) is generally prohibited. Permission can be given by ISTB under the condition that a copy of the complete material is provided to ISTB.
    However, all rights remain reserved by ISTB.
  • By your participation in the seminars and all other activities you explicitly accept the renunciation of your right concerning your own image. The participants authorize ISTB to use pictures and recorded video or audio material in any media.

    © by ISTB. All rights reserved.

  • Participants are obliged to behave like role models as honourable sportsmen as well as good guests in the house by respecting the house rules and keeping the sports facilities clean and in order. Please, refrain in general from everything that could harm the reputation of the ISTB!
  • Guarantee claims and claims for compensation for damages by participants in any legal case whatsoever are excluded, except for binding liability in cases of intent or proven gross negligence.
  • Participants under 18 years need the consent of their parents or legal guardians!