Fencing – strategic fighting exercises including Koryu (=ancient) Kenjutsu (Tachikendo).

Doing the right thing at the right time requires mainly patience, a strategic approach, courage and determination at the right moment: all these things are taught by Takeda Ryu Kendo.

Training your mind and strengthening your will make you purposeful, enduring and successful in life.

Kendo, the fencing, is part of the swordsmanship. For basic exercises wooden swords (bokuto) are used in our school. On higher level, contrary the Kendo sports, we do not use protection gear in fighting exercises. The only concession to safety is the fukuro shinai, originally a specially prepared bamboo stick wrapped in cotton (nowadays a plastic stick in the ISTB), and the skills of good fighters. Thus the players are forced to greater alertness not to reveal their weaknesses.

Following the old tradition of practice, our Kendo is also referred to as Sobukendo since it involves different forms of combat that go far beyond those of the modern kendo sport as locks and throws are also employed in the fighting.