Jujitsu is a generic term for the various methods of (mainly) unarmed combat.

Takeda Ryu Kobilza Ha Jujitsu is based on the Takeda martial arts, it is a system of throwing and locking techniques (nage and kansetsu waza), striking vital points (atemi), and choking (shime waza), but not excluding the use of weapons, whenever it is possible or required in certain situations. Furthermore there are also methods of immobilization and tying up (hojo waza) included.

Concerning the strategy the basic fighting situations are:

  • Unarmed defence against attacks with or without weapons.

  • Disarming an attacker and using his weapon for the defence.

  • Employing Jujitsu techniques while fighting with weapons.

As Jujitsu has always been adapted to the needs of all kinds of fighting situations, it also covers nowadays all aspects of self-defence (goshinjitsu) or fighting against one or several attackers who might be armed or unarmed.