Initially the practice of martial disciplines (bujutsu) served exclusively the purpose of warfare. Later, during the Edo period (1603-1868), bujutsu gradually developed into budo, this means that we practise not to become warriors but to develop our mental and physical capabilities.

In Takeda Ryu Kobilza Ha we teach the following disciplines:

ISTB represents a concept of a budo practice that is reflected by the designation “Sobudo” (complete budo), i.e. the comprehensive training of all of a school’s martial disciplines. However, this is not a must for our members but an offer to them; they may choose either a single discipline or any combination of two or more disciplines from our budo.

  • KATA, formal exercises (previously determined training sequences)

  • RANDORI, free-fighting training

  • SHIAI, competition

Beside the fact that we practise budo simply because we like to practise budo, the objective of our practice also is to develop personalities that are capable of mastering with equanimity not only combat situations, but also the general challenges of everyday life by means of

  • an alert mind

  • a sturdy body

  • a strong will

  • a positive approach to life

  • a tolerant attitude

  • kind deads