The art of gathering and combining forces.

Nowadays this weaponless martial art is often practiced as an art of self-defence based on a special strategy. By throwing and locking techniques a master is able to defend himself against any kind of attack, thus even gaining full control of the opponent.

Initially the art of aiki (Aiki no Jutsu) was the spiritual and strategic basis of the Takeda Ryu martial arts. Later a special weaponless martial art was developed; it was first called Aikijutsu and now Aikido. Today there are a lot of Aikido schools and organizations in and outside of Japan, but Takeda Ryu Aikido is the source of all Aikido and Aikijutsu styles.

Shinkendori, a very difficult defence against the sword executed with bare hands, is a part of our Aikido teaching. Even a small lack of concentration can cause very bad injuries; therefore highest concentration and real mastery are required here.