A glance on the statistics shows that budo or martial arts training in general is something that attracts rather men than women which is not really

great news but we’ve been observing a slight but constant increase of the number of female budoka within the ISTB who more and more seem to enjoy disciplines of our budo that definitely have the image of a men’s world.

Actually the ISTB stands for a particular budo practice by emphasizing the sobudo idea, i.e. the comprehensive training of all of our martial disciplines instead of specializing in just one of them, consequently most of our members are well trained in almost all our budo disciplines but in the last few years it became more and more significant that girls are not avoiding combat forms that require quite some physical power as it is the case with Jukempo and it turns out that they are doing extremely well with it.

Our ladies impress by their highly developed technique, accuracy, speed and elegance but also by their fighting spirit which they really need as they are sparring and (in the shiai) even competing with men. Our ladies are tuff and they are role models to many a girl out there because they prove what you can achieve if you’ve got the will to go for it. Jukempo is not just a men’s world.