The International Society for Takeda Budo held its yearly budo convention in Niederöblarn/Styria/Austria from July 15 until 22.

Participants came from the whole of Europe representing 13 different nations. The training seminars offered an interesting program for budoka of all levels. Soke Kobilza created a very demanding program covering aiki-, iai-, jo- and ju-itsu, jukempo and sobukendo as well as shugi- and shuriken-jitsu, and finally battogiri as part of iaijitsu. Highly appreciated, as every year, were headmaster Kobilza’s lecture on the principles of aiki, in general and of his teachings in particular, and the teachers workshop moderated by okuden shihan Philippe Boutelet and Peter Moser. Last but not least and also as a regularly integrated part of the Takeda Budo Congress, the International Tournament for Takeda Budo was organized under the direction of okuden shihan Andreas Schoch supported by the members of the istb shidoshinsahonbu who are very experienced and managed their task together with an international crew of referees with great proficiency.

The purpose of this most important yearly event in the istb calendar is to bring people together in order to share the budo practice and to offer them a teaching on the highest level, no matter if they are beginners or advanced budoka or already instructors, in order to guarantee a high level budo practice for all our member countries. No other event provides the chance to learn directly from soke Kobilza and his team of shihan which this year consisted of

Okuden Shihan Andreas Schoch (AUT)
Okuden Shihan Peter Moser (AUT)
Okuden Shihan Philippe Boutelet (FRA)
Okuden Shihan Sylvie Boutelet (FRA)
Joden Shihan Mathias Doczekal (AUT)
Joden Shihan Tom Laenen (BE)
Joden Shihan Ward Westerhoff (NL)

And no other event offers introductions into parts of the istb budo which are not a regular part of the general weekly training in the dojos.
Furthermore we want to create and keep friendly relations amongst all our members and simply spend a good time together, the social highlight of which was the Rockparty with live music from Takeda musicians, this year from Philipp&Philipp and, as every year, from the F‘ Takedas with the vocalists Johanna, Monique and Sonja, percussionist Marcus and the Kobilza brothers. The unforgetable party started Saturday evening and ended Sunday morning.