Andreas Szigethy
Twenty five years of dedication to Budokan Salzburg and the ISTB.

Andreas Szigethy was born in Wels in 1972. He studied psychology at the University of Salzburg, completed a traffic psychology internship in 2000, completed a qualification program as a clinical and health psychologist from 2005 to 2009, and has provided care, rehabilitation, and resocialization services as a professional forensic psychologist since 2005.

He has been a member of Budokan Union Salzburg since 1993, where he first learned the arts of Takeda Ryu aikido, iaido, jodo, jukempo, and kendo under Wolfgang Seiringer and then under Bernhard Lerchner (both of whom were students of Sensei Kobilza). He has also fulfilled official duties in Budokan Salzburg since 1998.

He was promoted to assistant instructor in 2010 and also made a representative of the ISTB by Headmaster Kobilza at this time.

He took over as chairman of Budokan Salzburg in February 2011, completed the assistant coach of Asian martial arts training program of the Sport Union Akademie Österreich in March 2011 with top marks, and has been the state representative for Takeda Budo in Sportunion Salzburg since 2011.

After four years of practical experience as an assistant instructor, he was awarded his shoden menkyo, the instructor’s license for the basic level, in July 2014, thereby joining the ranks of licensed instructors of the ISTB.

The ISTB warmly congratulates sensei Szigethy and wishes him continued success!